Klépierre ontvangt 40 retailers op Start-Up Campus Parijs

(origineel Engelstalig persbericht)  Klépierre, the pan-European leader in shopping centers, yesterday held its second “Retailer Marketing Day” at Station F, the largest start-up campus, in Paris. By bringing together marketing and innovation directors from some 40 leading retailers, Klépierre aims to co-create the future of retail.

Focusing on open innovation, Klépierre’s Retailer Marketing Day opened with an introduction by Gilles Babinet, France’s “Digital Champion” at the European Commission and Vice President of the French Digital Council, which advises the French government on digital issues.
The event consisted of a series of workshops devoted to the retail challenges of tomorrow, including inventory optimization, Click & Collect, environmental responsibility, and the pooling of sales teams.

To further enhance the discussions, three start-ups from retail catalyst Lafayette Plug and Play were invited to participate in the workshops:

  • OneStock, an agile Order Management System (OMS) which helps retailers optimize inventory levels (in shops, warehouses, etc) to address different cross-channel situations, such as ship to store (using the store as a logistics hub), in-store orders, and click & collect;
  • Place 2 Swap, an omni-channel platform allowing brands to incorporate the second-hand market in their business models and generate in-store traffic;
  • Andjaro, a platform to manage ad hoc personnel transfers, allowing firms with multiple sites to mobilize available internal resources first to meet occasional needs.

This event reflects Klépierre’s goal of co-creating the future of retail in partnership with the brands at its shopping centers. Synergies between Klépierre and its retailers can involve the analysis of consumer behavior and organization of special events to generate traffic, as well as the actual design of the mall and services in it, and aspects such as maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Klépierre Group Marketing Director Elise Masurel commented: “After the success of our first Retailer Marketing Day in January, we are delighted to pursue the dialogue with our retailer partners. Every day, we strive to give consumers additional reasons to visit our malls. In addition to making the customer path easy and fluid, we are increasingly working with our retailers and an ecosystem of start-ups specialized in retail, as well as with our internal teams, to offer new services. This collaborative approach to open innovation plays an important role in Klépierre’s success.”